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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | Software Program

in plain sight screenshot 1

Before I made In Plain Sight Mobile[1], I actually made In Plain Sight. It's desktop version and aimed at people with a preference for keyboard-use. It works the same way as In Plain Sight Mobile and messages you encrypt/decrypt in one will work with the other. Links are at the end of the announcement.

As you can see, there are quite a few more knobs and dials in the desktop version. Even so, the principles between the two app's are the same. Each one requires a passphrase (min. twelve characters) and you encrypt/decrypt text and emojis based on said passphrase. Unlike the mobile version, In Plain Sight allows you to export your history as plain text. It, also, has an option to export straight to Notepad -- if you want to avoid the extra steps.

in plain sight screenshot 2 cross-app

in plain sight screenshot 3 annotated

To help you get up to speed with using only the keyboard, there is a Shortcuts pop-up. Keep this open as a quick-guide whilst you learn the app's shortcuts.

From a technical point-of-view, I wrote both versions with different technologies. For the desktop, I use the Windows Presentation Foundation (W.P.F.)[2]. The Universal Windows Platform (U.W.P.)[3] was what I used for the mobile version. Because of the differences, the mobile version can house ad's, unlike the desktop. This is why the mobile one is free. I have, also, added extra features to the desktop version to help compensate for it not being free. Hopefully, the free nature of the app. will help those without the budget for the desktop version.

Microsoft Store link


  1. You can get In Plain Sight Mobile by clicking here.
  2. W.P.F. is the tech. used to create programs beyond Windows 10. These programs will work on Windows 7 and 8 (Vista might still work). Programs built with W.P.F. are keyboard and mouse focused.
  3. U.W.P. is the tech. designed for creating "Windows 10" app's. This means app's built with this are touch/tablet (and phone at one point) focused.
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